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Picture of CarPePiPoo is the premier UK website providing information and support to motorists facing allegations of speeding, and for decriminalised and private parking issues. Most people come to PePiPoo because they have an urgent need to find out about motoring offences and what their rights and options are. PePiPoo provides an excellent opportunity for highly targeted advertising for businesses offering relevant, high quality professional services or products in this space.

Site statistics

During January 2010 PePiPoo logged over 1.4 million page views from 61,987 unique addresses.

January 2010 Website
Content page views* 145,090 1,314,004
Unique visitors 45,558 54,411


Advertising opportunities

We currently carry advertisements in four locations (or zones) on the website - one on the website (which you can see to the right of this page), and three on the forums at All four zones are industry-standard Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) sizes:

Zone Format Displayed to
Website IAB Wide Skyscraper
(160 x 600)
All visitors
Forums: footer IAB Leader Board
(728 x 90)
All visitors
Forums: welcome IAB Large Rectangle
(336 x 280)
Forum Guests and all Members who have not logged in
Forums: topic IAB Leader Board
(728 x 90)
Forum Guests and all non-subscription Members

We can carry your creative in a wide variety of formats (including images and HTML) in any of these zones on the basis of either:

  • Exclusive tenancy for a fixed fee per calendar month; or
  • Impressions, at a fixed fee per thousand impressions (CPM) for an agreed period and/or number of impressions.

If exclusive tenancy isn’t appropriate for your campaign you can also share a zone with other advertisers. The software that serves advertisements on our website will select which advertisement to display at random so that your advertisement is displayed for a percentage of the total impressions, and you only pay for that proportion of the zone’s available impressions that you’ve chosen.



Advertisements on our website are managed exclusively by our publishing partner, SMJ Technology. For further information please contact them using their Sales e-mail address .


* Page views have been derived from records of advertisements successfully delivered by our publisher’s advertisement delivery server. These statistics therefore only include fresh content page views by JavaScript-enabled browsers able to view your advertisement, and not page views by other visitors or by search engines, for example, or of cached copies of the advertisements.
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